Wrapping up the first half of 2022 — — What’s next?

Vastarannan Kiiski
4 min readMay 7, 2022


What a crazy 2022 Q1 we had… We got war… nobody predicted that the tension would actually lead to full blown war between Ukraine and Russia, i was also 100% this would not happen.

Crazy times. Crazy times will continue, when will the clown timeline peak? Nobody knows, i stay in my plan. During these extremely uncertain times you have to have a plan, you won’t survive otherwise. Are you prepared for every possible outcome?

“There are decades where nothing happens; and there are weeks where decades happen” — Vladimir Ilyich Lenin”

The Bitcoin narrative is forming nicely and i am extremely bullish for long term.

My pics for 2022 were:

  1. ATOM COSMOS (-65% ath jan 17, 44usd)
  3. Bitcoin

I was not expecting anything spectacular to happen in 2022 Q1. I am honestly very surprised how well cryptos have held during these very uncertain times. This is the nature of the game, thats why so many quit. Learn and study. Make also your own plan, if you followed my shills blindly you lost a lot of money.

One call i got right was that EU will do something extremely stupid concerning crypto regulation and yeah we got that. KYC required for 1k transfer from self custodial wallets, this is extremely stupid and destroys the whole idea of digital assets. This simply won’t matter, with Bitcoin you can become easily a digital nomad and it doesn’t really effect Bitcoin at all. You cannot stop it.

We need regulation, regulation is good when it is done the right way. Innovation can thrive, consumers and companies happier and in the end also governments (more taxes and general well-being).

It just shows you how EU policies are extremely harmful and our leaders are extremely stupid. Don’t believe me? Please comment and post what you think are the most innovative and competitive European based companies? What are the biggest tech companies? Yes we have quite good “industrial” companies with great moats, these are also heavily subsidised and guarded by the policies. Currently our loved policy makers are wondering why they cant print asap more green/nuclear energy, wonder how this play-out? Yes the EU citizens will suffer the most, thanks to our incompetent policy makers. It’s looking like we will also skip anything relating to digital assets industry, would not certainly harm to have some frameworks to have for innovation & growth. Damn can’t understand it so let’s just ban it.

Be it governments, totalitarian leaders… Fuck them. People love people generally. Governments are turning against the people and i fear this sentiment will only grow.

Bond markets were right after all? Nobody cares but then they do…

Same can be said about debt, it is not a problem but then it suddenly is.

Short term yield higher than long term yield = SOMETHING TROUBLING?

Very painful recession ahead, its just how it goes we have the cycles… We have so much clean up to do so it will be more painful. In the end we get always better after recession. This war will make everything collapse faster, we literally did not fix anything after the 2008 financial crisis, just gave more drugs to the addicts…

It is extremely complicated to predict anything now. We have never been in this kind of macro environment. What can we do? Prepare for all the possible outcomes.

What happens if recession hits the world? → Study and learn more.

Nothing really happens, let’s wait when FED breaks up something. → Study and learn more.

Everything goes to toilet and we enter some kind of doom loop, what can we do? → Study and learn more.

I will put links in the end where to start and who are good to follow.

What's next? All roads lead to bitcoin

All the uncertainty and news leads to Bitcoin, it is the clarity and hope. Only few people see it still. This war will only accelerate adoption, it may not feel like it now but more and more will start asking questions, can you trust your bank? Leaders? Governments? Who do you trust? Decentralisation will only grow from here.

I will focus at the moment 100% learning and studying more. I am also extremely busy running my business thats why so quiet here. Also everything is so big mess so i have like 5–10 different stories brewing. This is the time to do research and learn.




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