New NFT project to follow?

  • Excellent and active community. +++ Very organically grown.
  • Team delivering.
  • Extensive roadmap with already small surprise.
  • They airdropped “Message bottles” to holders, with this and the WOOP token (staking next big roadmap goal, you get tokens) you can try to upgrade your Boho to “Guru”, very low change. This creates good and fun incentive to acquire the token and delist your Boho. Very innovative and nice little addition, can’t wait what other surprises we will have?
  • More on here.
  • The art is very nice and i have not seen any bad looking Boho, they are all unique and perfect in their own little way. Look at for eg Solgods (wonderful project also).
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Vastarannan Kiiski

Vastarannan Kiiski

Just sharing my views from the rabbit hole. No more whining, spreading positivity and helping communities ❤ Send email: NFA :D