Good night Finland — Lost century ahead…

It will get better after awhile… Or?
Why sad doomer other EU nations are shittier?

Subsidy economy

Our whole economy is becoming subsidy economy. Wanna work more? Let’s see if my daycare cost’s go up and what is my margin tax %, ok it makes zero sense to work more. I’m unemployed, should i try some part time job? Makes no sense because i lose my subsidies and i have to hustle with the city workers… So why bother… For the common good? Where is that spirit nowadays? I would do the same, system is what it is.

Public services

What do i actually get by paying taxes?

  • During covid i paid extremely good bonuses (even though the results were shit).
  • Currently we do 1h shorter days and skip Friday whenever it is possible. Salary is the same, but they have more time for side hustles and to study something different or they can just chill. Yes my margins and results are bad now, but who cares, it will be taxed away anyway. Workers even don’t want more money!
  • Long holidays ++
  • Work/life balance very good ++
  • Mostly zero stress ++
  • If you worked long enough, you can literally do zero work (at least in public) ++
Yeah, let them rot…
Pisa results — maybe not the best but still its going down…
  1. Complete tax revamp, better incentives and more tax revenue.
  1. Stay in Finland. We would move to a smaller city, where we can be little bit more sovereign. Living cost’s are way lower compared to Helsinki. lots of nature etc. People generally more friendlier and nicer (just don’t tell you are from Helsinki). Very nice to raise kids. Will this be best for the kids in the long run?
  2. Move abroad. More opportunities, better incentives 10% tax for EG in Portugal Lissabon, very hot place now to move and living costs are also rising there very fast. There are plenty of places where sovereign individuals are flocking, it will be the future. Majority of the works can be done online so why stay in countries where governments are taxing you to death and you get very little return?



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