Crypto picks for year 2022 — Atom — Undervalued monster?

Cosmos growth — Impressive
source: Impressive
  • Strong community, will survive bear markets. Super smart people here.
  • GROWTH bonkers, protocols build on COSMOS growing like crazy, will spill over. IBC will drive the growth even faster.
  • Very good roadmap for 2022, DEFI and ICB only starting now. It is super smooth to use and easy.
  • Has usability and solves many problems. Working already!
  • Maybe only noticed by large crowds when all the shit has been wiped? 95%… Its also already # rank 22 so keep that in mind (not astronomical gains).
  • We all ready know that when masses fomo to cryptos, it won’t be projects like ATOM. My bet here is that these new users will be smarter and smarter as time goes on.
source: Just beginning…



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Vastarannan Kiiski

Vastarannan Kiiski

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